Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the Importance of Being "Present"

If life has taught me anything worth while, it is "set your priorities straight". I just spoke to one of my best girlfriends about this... she lost her mom to cancer a few years back. I remember this, we were both in college when it happened. She told me she was so confused and scared at the time, she kept trying to do EVERYTHING - find a boyfriend, give away old clothes, etc. Just doing busy work to distract herself and not fully be present to absorb and really take in the situation. BE PRESENT in every situation in your life, and face it with honor, and POWER
Make sure that whatever priorities you decide are most important will either:
  1. make you happy
  2. make your conscience at peace because what you're doing is the RIGHT thing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am Worth Loving

You don't have to EARN love, just like you don't have to earn the right to breathe. You are lovable because you exist. You are worth loving, and as you love others, they will mirror this feeling onto you. ❤️ P.S. I love you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life is Beautiful!

There is a cashier at the Hollywood Whole Foods Market that I always get in line to see - Alex. He is a tall, white-haired elderly Russian man, probably in his late sixties. This man used to work at the Sunset and Fairfax Rite Aid when I was still a teenager - this is when I first started chatting with him at the register. The other day he looked very sad when I came up. 

When I asked Alex what was wrong, he admitted that he was bored with life, and felt like he is missing out. "Have you been to Europe?" He asked me. "Sure, Europe is very refreshing and full of interesting places to explore!" "Well, I haven't. I haven't seen many things, and I can't get a long vacation. I feel like my life is terrible." "Life is beautiful, Alex! Don't ever say otherwise! You are so lucky you live in the USA, you are so lucky you are healthy! You have to be grateful you are employed, look at this beautiful store! Look at these nice people, and clean environment! Be happy!" A smile graced his face. "5 minutes with you, and everything just changed! I can't believe it, you just breathed life into me again, you're absolutely right! I'm healthy, I'm working, I can't believe it, you really changed my whole mood!"
Sometimes when people grow older, retire, get weaker, they don't feel appreciated, especially when they see bustling life around them... Please breathe life into those who need your affirmation. It will make you happy, too!

"You can't be everything to everyone."

I had a favorite marketing professor in college, who once said something that stuck with me, and resonated deeply within my being. "You can't be everything to everyone." I always repeat this affirmation when I am feeling lonely, down, not worthy enough, anxious, or disappointed. There are billions of people on this glorious planet, billions of beautiful, talented, intelligent, and successful people. No matter how famous, interesting, sexy, fit, talented, rich, popular, or successful you you are, there is someone who may have surpassed you in the eyes of another, and that is OK. 
When I remind myself of this, I feel a relief, as if a weight is lifted off my shoulders. How great it feels to know that I don't need to compare myself to others to feel good about myself! How easy it is to work when I know I don't need to be as big as some brands or as rich as some businesspeople, or as beautiful as a some women to be the center of my own thriving universe. 

I release any resentment towards those who didn't want to date me, I release any resentment towards those who didn't befriend me. Those who are with me are with me for a reason, and I am grateful for having this awareness, to keep me balanced, and alive!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ways to Improve Your Kid's Childhood Experience, and Teach Kindness

Everything I have learned in life has been a stepping stone to my current state of well-being, prosperity and balance. I am a constant learner, and am always open to self-improvement, even now, as an adult. Children get most of their ideas about themselves and the world around them by what the adults in their life say and do, so it is important to be fully aware of the message you are giving to your little ones. In this short blog entry, I will give you some wonderful ways to nourish and encourage your children's creativity, promote kindness, and engage in positive activities that you both will enjoy and treasure as cherished moments! I do these activities now, as an adult, so this will be excellent advice for people of all ages.

1. Cook Something Healthy
Making healthy food daily is an absolute must in my life - my food nourishes my mind and body. Give your children a chance to participate in food preparation, and they will take responsibility and pride in their task. Small tasks such as washing the veggies or ripping lettuce leaves for the salad allow your kids to feel like they have contributed to making the meal, and teach them how to become efficient and autonomous. Sharing food is a beautiful way to show love and care, and I often make enough food for my family, as well as the neighbors. My neighbor is a doctor, and works late, so I often invite her for dinner. I also have an elderly woman on the cul-de-sac, and I feel that it is a privilege for me to bring her food. A wonderful weekend activity is making sandwiches for the homeless, and passing them out. Make food with love, share food with loved ones, and teach your children to share and care.

2. Make Bird Friends
I currently live in a house with a large back yard, but I have grown up in an apartment, and have learned to live comfortably and efficiently in a small, urban space. I have a dog and a cat whom I love very much, but if your living conditions don't allow for pets, this advice will be wonderful. It can be challenging for parents to tell their kids they can't have pets because of space or time constrictions, so a great alternative is to hang up hummingbird feeders filled with nectar, and watch these lovely beauties come to sip their sweet nectar. Here is a photo I took yesterday of the bird flying up to drink - they are truly majestic, and therapeutic. Making the nectar is easy - it's a 1-cup sugar to 4-cup water ratio. Simply bring this mixture to a boil, cool, and pour into the feeder. I make enough for the week, and store the rest in the fridge - it's much more convenient, also. This is a wonderful activity to do with the kids - they will love it! Another great idea is to put out feed for the larger birds, especially if you have colorful birds in your neighborhood, like I do. I buy bird feed in bulk, and put it out for them in the flat bowl feeder I have in the back yard. It's great to know that even little creatures can benefit from your kind gesture.

3. Grow Something
Buy a plant that the child will have the responsibility to water. If you have a chance to start a small
garden together, there is nothing more fun than digging in the dirt while taking care of your vegetables or flowers! Children will take great responsibility in doing their part to water veggies, or flowers, and proudly display their labor when it is time to harvest! This is a great activity that will beautify the home, and will also teach the child the values of farm-to-table lifestyle.
4. Volunteer
Lending a helping hand to others is a divine privilege, and a task that will not only fill your children's heart with joy, but will serve as a wonderful reminder of how important each and every one of us is on this planet. I've been caring for my grandmother for the past few years, and one day I thought of
the countless number of elderly people who spend their lives at retirement homes, and rarely get visitors. I went to the dollar store, and picked up puzzles, coloring books, crossword puzzles, crayons, beads, glue, and a couple of poster boards, and showed up at a retirement home. The feeling of joy these wonderful elders experienced made me so happy! Your children will enjoy interacting with elders, and vice versa! I volunteer with kids at an orphanage in Mexico, and the days spent with them have been as rewarding for me, as they have been for them. Gratitude and appreciation creates children who mature into appreciative and self-sufficient adults.
5. Help the Homeless
Vacation season is approaching, and many of us will travel with our families. I frequently travel for work, and spend a third of the month in a hotel room, but since my company manufactures skincare, I bring my own products with me.  Did you know that you are paying daily for the toiletries in your hotel room, and they are yours to use and take? Give your children the task of collecting all unused shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and small toothpastes each day, and putting them away into their suitcase. In six months to a year, the child will have a large box of travel-sized items to donate to the local homeless shelter/mission. These small toiletries may seem like meaningless items to most people, but every little bit counts for the less fortunate. I regularly send monetary donations to charities, but since children don't have the financial ability to help, teaching them to help in this way will get them on the path to sharing and giving. When generosity becomes second nature, so do gratitude and abundance.

Be well, live abundantly, and give abundantly!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sending Love from the Heart

From an early age, I learned by the actions of my mother, to send thank you notes and letters, instead of calls or emails. I love to write, and have a special box with stationary, greeting cards, and thank you notes on hand, so I can concentrate on writing a special message, not on running and picking a card ASAP. My other favorite activity is cooking, and I have several notebooks with clipped recipes I have been collecting since the age of 16. Some recipes are typed and added by me or grandma, and some are trimmed out of food magazines. Life is beautiful when you can put down your words on paper. Whether you keep the notebooks you write in, or send letters to loved ones, you can heal your life, and the life of others with words from the heart. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Love You

Show people how you want to be treated by treating yourself with respect, first and foremost. If this is difficult, ask yourself what is stopping you, and instead of berating yourself, just FIX it. Stop doing things that bring you down, and start thanking yourself for being wonderful. Learn to be calm and centered in all situations. Smile often, and don't take everything so seriously. If you are willing to accept advice, listen only to winners, because they have proven that the KNOW what they are talking about. Don't mind the commentary from people whose lives are a mess, and always be open to change. You are always YOU, yet you are always changing.
We often go through hardships, and find ourselves in the darkness and despair. We ask The Lord "why me?". We think we are broken, and hopeless, but that isn't true. We have come into the world to love ourselves, love each other and love God. Rest assured that The Lord will guide you and guard you, and the process of life is always on your side. No one said life was going to be easy, but you can do it anyway! Look how far you've come! If you haven't been told how wonderful you are, I am here to assure you that you're amazing, and I love you.